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Losing weight should be simple, right? Balance your calories in with your calories out and make sure you’re eating all the right foods for weight loss.

Unfortunately, it’s seldom that easy, which leads to many people trying fad diets and rigorous exercise routines. These diet and exercise programs are often so extreme that they can’t be sustained for the long term. Therefore, many people quit, leading them to feeling bad about themselves later on.

If you’re sick of this unending cycle of trying to lose weight, it’s time you give Wake Up Lean a try. This unique program offers all the right strategies to help you lose weight and it organizes them within a helpful blueprint.

What Is Wake Up Lean?

Wake Up Lean is a convenient product that offers both a DVD and a book form of all the ways you can take advantage of your metabolism so it actually starts working for you. You’ll enjoy increased fat burn and a slimmer body as a result.

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There are several main reasons, according to Wake Up Lean, as to why your body holds onto weight. One is your fat cells. Your fat cells release a certain kind of hormone known as adipokines, which cause your body to store more fat than they need to. This can not only lead to weight gain but it can also cause a variety of health issues, like type 2 diabetes. They can also make you feel insatiably hungry.

Another potential cause of weight gain is weak blood vessels. When your body is inflamed, you will probably gain weight because the enzymes responsible for the inflammation can damage your blood vessels and cause them to narrow and shrink.

When you’re working out, your body’s fat cells play a vital role. They release fatty acids to your organs and into your blood. Once the cells arrive at your muscles, they are turned into energy, but if your circulation is poor, the cells will stay put.

When you invest in Wake Up Lean, you’ll gain access to a helpful ten-day fat belly slimming blueprint. In this blueprint, you’ll learn the workout techniques and strategies that work well for men and women alike. Ideally, you should complete the sequence every day for at least ten days, which is a cycle that’s meant to line up with your body’s inherent fat-burning cycles.

Who Is Meredith Shirk?

Released in 2016, Wake Up Lean is authored by Meredith Shirk. Shirk is not only a fitness nutrition specialist, but she is also a NASM personal trainer. She came up with the idea for Wake Up Lean on a trip to Panama, where she came to the realization that the modern diet contains far too much sugar and way too many toxins.

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Our bodies simply don’t know how to handle all of these contaminants. Therefore, we gain weight and accumulate fat that we simply do not need.

Shirk has a ton of experience both in nutrition as well as in fitness. Based in California, Shirk is a talented specialist with a wealth of knowledge. The Wake Up Lean program centers around the idea of weight gain as a result of excess inflammation in the body. Before she launched Wake Up Lean, Shirk engaged in tons of tests that helped her understand the best methods for weight loss.

Many of her participants lost a ton of weight very quickly. They saw how they could lose weight just by eliminating the inflammation that was causing problems in their bodies.

What Will You Learn From Wake Up Lean?

You’ll get a variety of resources when you purchase Wake Up Lean. Not only will you get the 10-day fat belly slimming blueprint, but you’ll receive a variety of bonus resources, too.

The 10-day fat belly slimming blueprint is a comprehensive workout strategy that can be used by women and men alike. You will need to do it every day for ten days to help coincide with your body’s natural cycles. You will also get information in the blueprint that will tell you what to eat every day along with helpful tips that will help you lose fat all over, but especially in your belly.

wake up lean review

The best part is that you won’t have to count calories or eliminate entire food groups, like carbohydrates, from your diet. You’ll simply wake up lean.

You’ll get several bonus features, too. The 24-hour fat and toxins flushing protocol will tell you how you can lose fat and weight in certain areas of your body. You’ll learn how to do this in a safe, healthy way, too.

You will also get access to the five-minute lean body burst, which includes physical exercises that will help you lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying around. This is done in a healthy, stress-free way, too.

Wake Up Lean Pros & Cons

There are several advantages of Wake Up Lean that are worth paying attention to.


  • Backed by science and research: Shirk isn’t the only person who has described how inflammation can cause you to gain weight. In fact, multiple other doctors and researchers have pointed to the role of inflammation in weight gain. Therefore, you can trust the tips that this guide is putting forth.
  • Affordably priced: You won’t have to pay thousands of dollars in order to lose pounds. With Wake Up Lean, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need for lasting weight loss without having to break the bank. In fact, it’s sold at a low price of fewer than $20. It’s one of the most affordable products of its kind out there. It is also backed by a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Works well for people of all ages: While Wake Up Lean is the most effective for older folks who have consistently struggled to lose weight, there’s evidence that it can work well for people of all ages. This is a huge bonus, since many fitness and weight loss programs are made for young people.
  • Delivers the results you want: If you’re sick of trying overpriced programs that simply don’t work, you’ve got to give Wake Up Lean a try. You’ll love the results you see in simply ten days. Many people lose up to five pounds in just ten short days! The longer you follow the steps in the program, the better your results will be.

As with anything, though, there are also some disadvantages that you will want to keep in mind before you buy.

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  • Requires some commitment: Like any program, you’re going to have to commit if you want to see results. You aren’t going to see results overnight simply by reading the book! You need to stick with it. Otherwise, your efforts will fail.
  • Only available online: If you don’t like following an online program, then Wake Up Lean is not the best choice for you. It’s only available digitally, which is convenient for most people but some people find it frustrating.
  • Requires patience: Not only will you have to commit to this program to see results, but you’ll need to be patient, too. You won’t see results overnight. Even though you’ll notice changes quickly, they might not be as fast as you want, especially if you want the weight loss to stick.

Does Wake Up Lean Work?

Wake Up Lean has the potential to work for just about anyone. It’s especially effective for women and men who are age 40 or higher and have difficulty losing weight because their inflammation enzymes turn on after this age.

Therefore, while this program works well for anyone, it is best for those who are older than the age of forty and have repeatedly struggled with weight loss. It works well for people who want to lose five or more pounds, as well as those who are constantly tired and crave sugar often.

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If you have trouble sleeping or deal with headaches a few times per week – or especially, if you want to lose weight but can’t no matter what you do, this program can work well for you.

If you aren’t confident that Wake Up Lean will work for you, don’t worry. It comes with an extremely generous 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t get the results you want, you can receive a full refund by reaching out to customer support.


Lots of people follow fad diets and exercise regularly, hoping to lose weight. The problem is that these programs simply don’t take the unique composition of your body, your metabolism, and the risk of inflammation into account.

In order to lose weight for good, you really need to understand how exactly your body works. Getting rid of excess fat is simple, but only if you follow through with all of the steps. Wake Up Lean can help you lose weight and keep it off for good, without having to completely overhaul your life. Consider these tips and the Wake Up Lean program for lasting results that you’ll enjoy  -a and want to share with others.

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