Toned In Ten Review

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or where you live. Something that just about everyone has in common is that everyone wants a more toned, chiseled body.

Whether it’s chiseled abs or toned thighs that you’re interested in achieving, it can be tough to see results without engaging in a ton of vigorous exercise and stressful diet plans. Many people dream of finding a product that will work, but with no success.

If you’re looking for a great program that will help you see results, you’ve got to consider Toned in Ten. This program is simple to follow and will not only help you learn how you can burn excess fat and diminish cellulite, but you can even sculpt and tone your body and look ten years younger.

Ready to learn more? Our Toned in Ten review will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is Toned In Ten?

You’ve likely heard the recommendation that you need to squeeze in at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise to stay healthy and fit. The more exercise, the better. While that’s true, it’s only true to a certain extent. Toned in Ten takes a second look at those guidelines and manuals in order  to create a program that can work for just about anybody.

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The basic principles are simple. You’ll learn exercises that can help improve your metabolism, banish cellulite, and provide you with a youthful glow. You don’t need to commit to hours of exercise each week to get there, either – all you need is ten minutes a day.

The author of Toned in Ten, Erin Neilsen, actually argues that too much exercise – the five hours recommended by traditional weight loss guides – can be damaging. Not only does slow cardio make you gain weight, but it also causes oxidative stress as it damages your skin and organs. It can cause you to gain extra weight and to look older than you might want.

In Toned in Ten, you’ll learn all about human growth hormone and how you can harness the hormone for a fitter and better overall appearance. You’ll receive other benefits, too, like improved memory, better energy, and a more attractive physical experience. This is all by increasing levels of the hormone,which can help reverse the effects of aging.

Toned in Ten will teach you how to shed up to twenty pounds in a single month. You’ll learn all the essential nutrition tips to stop those pesky workout plateaus and you’ll be able to build a lean, well-developed and muscular body at home – all without having to visit a gym. You will also discover how limiting your consumption of certain foods can restore a proper hormonal balance – and why long, slow cardio workouts should be avoided.

Who Is Erin Neilsen?

A certified psychotherapist, the author of Toned in Ten, Erin Neilsen, has a long list of attributes that make her one of the leading authorities in how to get toned. Not only is this 42-year old woman certified Pilates instructor, but she is also a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.


She developed Toned in Ten to help users shed their excess fat, banish their cellulite, sculpt their bodies, and make them look decades younger. She designed this program not only to benefit others, but also a trial program for herself. For Neilsen, Toned in Ten was an experiment that was to be a personal transformation.

Neilsen has tried just about everything when it comes to getting lean, including fad diets, vigorous exercise routines, and even slow cardio workouts in the so-called “fat burn” zone. Nothing worked. Inspired by the workouts of world-class sprinters, Neilsen decided to take things into her own hands.

This author is one that can be trusted. Not only has she tried all kinds of strategies herself over the last two decades, but she believes that her programs can help you become more beautiful, youthful, stronger, and of course, healthy. The plan is simple and involves short bursts of workouts and healthy eating.

What Will You Learn From Toned In Ten?

In Toned in Ten, you’ll get all the resources you need to be successful. Not only will you get a helpful guide that will acquaint you with the basic principles behind why the program works, but you will also gain access to helpful bonus materials.

toned in ten review

The most important bonus to mention is the inclusion of the easy-to-follow workout videos. These videos are incredibly motivating and will show you how to perform each and everyone of the ten-minute exercises in the program. This is incredibly helpful when you are first starting out and trying to avoid injury as a beginner.

You will also gain access to a helpful nutritional guide. The nutritional guide banishes calorie counting, instead showing you exactly what you need to eat and when in order to avoid starving yourself.

You’ll even learn some of the secrets that Neilsen uses herself to keep look young and feeling strong and healthy. Toned in Ten even comes with helpful grocery shopping lists so that you’ll know exactly what to buy in order to save money, save energy, save time, and most importantly, lose weight.

Toned In Ten Pros & Cons

There are many reasons to consider giving Toned in Ten a try. Here are just a few.


  • Only takes ten minutes a day: If your old, drawn-out, boring exercise routine just wasn’t doing it for you, don’t worry – Toned in Ten only requires, as the name suggests, just ten minutes a day. Your energy levels will be high for the entire day.
  • Tips are scientifically based: This book isn’t based on guesswork and anecdotal evidence- it’s rooted in scientific theories that recognize the importance of the Human Growth Hormone.
  • Incorporates exercise and nutrition: What you eat is important, but it’s also important to pay attention to how you move your body. This guide takes all of those factors into account.
  • Easy to follow: The video demonstrations in this guide are easy to follow. Not only are they short in duration, but the videos reduce the likelihood of you injuring yourself because they are broken down so any beginner can follow them.
  • Affordable: This program is one of the most affordable exercise and weight loss programs you will find. Most comparable programs cost at least $30 or $40, but this one is less than $20. That includes a ton of bonus materials, too! Plus, the program is backed by a 60 day full refund guarantee.
  • Varied: Each day is different with Toned in Ten – you won’t get bored easily. Instead, everyday will be little bit different so that you can enjoy the benefits of better health and weight loss
  • without the unending boredom.

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There are some disadvantages to keep in mind, too. In particular, you should remember that Toned in Ten isn’t a quick fix. Here are some other cons.


  • Not a quick fix: You are going to need to commit if you want to see serious results. If you’re somebody who wants to lose 20 pounds in 10 days, sorry – but that just isn’t going to happen. You will usually see results in about four to six weeks instead.
  • Intense workouts: Although the workouts are short, they are intense. You’re going to be out of breath and you’re definitely going to break a sweat!
  • Only available digitally: If you like reading things in hard copy, unfortunately, this book is not for you. It’s only accessible online and there’s no hard copy available.
  • Diet change is necessary: Although Toned in Ten focuses more on workouts, you will have to change your diet in order to see results. Some foods that you might love are, unfortunately, going to be eliminated.

Does Toned In Ten Work?

Toned in Ten is a fitness guide that just about anyone can use and benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to exercise or you are an experienced fitness guru. This program can work for you. The guide comes with all kinds of modified tips for every exercise so that you can keep up, regardless of your exercise level.

The workouts can be quite difficult, but remember, they only last for ten minutes! You can do this.

toned in ten reviews

The only people who should not give Toned a Ten a try are those who have preexisting medical conditions or chronic conditions. As with any weight loss program, it’s important that you consult your doctor first if you intend to try one of these programs. This is true, however, for all exercise and diet programs.


If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, Toned in Ten is definitely a program you should consider trying. Although it’s not as quick and drastic as you might be used to, it nevertheless is flexible and easy to incorporate in your daily routine. You can follow it for as long as you want to see increasingly impressive results with just ten minutes a day of commitment.

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