The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

Let’s face it – life is hectic.

And unfortunately, amid the chaos, it’s all too easy to let our health take the backseat to our own crazy schedules. When you do get sick, what do you do? Many of us turn to pharmaceutical solutions that, though they might be effective in the short-term, are expensive and damaging to our long-term health.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a revolutionary eBook by Claude Davis that contains hundreds of natural healing remedies that can optimize your overall health.  There’s nothing modern or artificial about these treatments – they can all be found in nature. Yet they’ve been shoved to the back burner over the last few decades as busy people run to the doctors for expensive, ineffective chemical-based treatments instead.

In The Lost Book of Remedies Review that we bring to you today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this transformative book.

What Is The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is an eBook that contains all the remedies you need to know about to save yourself during a serious health crisis. It includes remedies like medicinal herbs and plants along with techniques for growing these plants – and information on how exactly to use them.

Created and crafted after years of intensive research by Claude Davis, the book has remedies for all kinds of health issues, including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Inflammation
  • Fever
  • Flu
  • Sore throat

the lost book of remedies

You will even discover new ways to prevent the growth of bacteria in your body and how to eliminate free radicals (the agents responsible for most diseases). Plus, you will uncover solutions that can protect you from serious infections like herpes and hepatitis.

If you want to know how you can make a difference to your overall health and well-being, this is the book for you. You’ll learn new ways to be healthy and prosperous and you may be able to completely overhaul your way of life entirely.

In this book, you’ll get hundreds of pictures of healing plants, herbs, mushrooms, and lichen, most of which are found in North America. You’ll learn everything from identification to edible uses and even harvesting instructions. There is also a medicinal index.

This book goes against the grain of traditional medicine and beyond simply treating symptoms. You’ll address the underlying condition and rely on your body’s natural ability to heal itself. For example, you might learn how to make a powerful painkiller with a backyard weed – no opiates required. Instead, your body will learn to rely on its central nervous system to lessen the feeling of pain, harnessing the natural ingredients found in the plant to make yourself feel better.

What Will You Get From The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies has a variety of features. Not only does it teach you affordable measures that you can take for permanent, long-lasting relief from symptoms – and these are measures that start at the source, mind you – but also teaches you solutions that won’t have any side effects. These solutions won’t cause secondary health problems and will instead help you heal your body naturally.

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You’ll learn about the herbs and remedies that can treat all kinds of health issues – some as severe as cancer and tumors. You will discover new natural ingredients, some of which you may have never heard about, like Angry Bear Paw and Log Man’s Mending Fur. Best yet, you’ll learn strategies to grow your own herbs and antiinflammatory plants in your own backyard. This will save you time and money, and also give you easy access in case there’s an emergency.

You will receive methods for preparing your own remedies, with clear, actionable instructions to produce your own at home. They’re easy to follow and easy to finish. You’ll Learn other ways to keep yourself healthy and even get access to a list of spices that could be added to your daily cooking to further boost your health.

When you buy this book, you will even get additional eBooks for free that will give you more information on how to cure most diseases in a natural way. When you crack open this book, you’ll find an in-depth discussion and identification of plants so that anybody, regardless of their background knowledge, will know how to find the plants.

Then, you’ll learn how to prepare each plant. Some can be used in a poultice, while others must be cooked. You’ll also discover the appropriate dosages for treating certain conditions with specific plants.

Does The Lost Book Of Remedies Work?

You might be skeptical about how effective The Lost Book of Remedies is. After all, we have lost confidence in traditional medicine and are so used to popping a pill when we are sick. However, this book can not only help you learn about the root causes of your disease, but it will also help you discover what, exactly, plants can do for you. Everything is explained in a simple, easy-to-follow way.

The Lost Book of Remedies works for almost all diseases, regardless of your gender, size, or age. You’ll be able to improve your quality of life as you enjoy natural remedies for severe pain as well as for serious infections.

You don’t have to have any background knowledge in gardening or herbal remedies for these solutions to work, either. When you buy this eBook, you’ll get several colored pictures for each and every healing plant, which can help you identify the plant and determine its best uses.

best-the-lost book of remedies review

Say goodbye to expensive, toxic drugs. This eBook is easy to access and follow to benefit from the healing powers of the plants. Each plant is grouped by type and location and paired with a step-by-step guide so you know not only how to find the plants, but how to prepare and use the natural medicines.

The book is organized by diseases, so you can see which plant will heal which disease and how to prepare them for the best effects. You’ll learn which types of plants are edible and which are not, and you’ll be able to get started immediately.

The Lost Book of Remedies offers solutions that work and come with no side effects. Since all of the ingredients are completely, 100% natural, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant secondary conditions arising.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Pros & Cons

There are several major benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies. This book:

  • Promotes natural healing to keep your body fit and healthy
  • Lets you know which herbs and plants can treat severe health problems
  • Provides remedies for every type of health problem
  • Offers remedies that are easy to prepare and to follow
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Includes list of spices with healing remedies
  • Comes with tips on living a healthy life
  • Comes with a bonus 80-square feet SHTF medicinal garden in your backyard PDF
  • Includes a bonus disaster medicine handbook
  • Provides purchasers with unlimited access to a members-only area where you can chat with the author at any time
  • Low price
  • Comes with live 24/7 support
  • Each plant comes with color pictures for easy identification
  • Has a medicinal index so you can quickly find what you are looking for
  • Includes herbal plants that aren’t commonly used but can easily be found
  • Breaks the cycle of needing medicines and pharmaceutical drugs
  • Comes with step by step instructions
  • No harmful side effects

The Lost Book of Remedies

There are minimal disadvantages to purchasing and reading The Lost Book of Remedies. However, keep in mind that:

  • You will need to follow the remedies closely and regularly in order to see results
  • Buying online isn’t the best choice for everyone
  • Results depend on your patience and effort level
  • As with any online course, there are no guaranteed results
  • It’s possible for you to do things wrong the first time
  • Some customers complain that there is not enough detail to identify plants
  • Some plants are only found in forests or the country, which is not ideal for people in an urban area
  • You may have to purchase some plants from a specialty store
  • All plants are safe but some have strong effects

Of course, as with any natural remedy, it’s important that you consult your doctor before trying The Lost Book of Remedies’ healing solutions at home. While all of the solutions in this eBook are natural and found in the wild, there are some herbs that can interact with previous medical conditions or medications or even trigger allergies.


Conventional medicine is not only ineffective, but it’s also corrupt. Even worse, it trains your body not to rely on its own natural healing mechanisms, which results in a vicious circle of illness and injury over time.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your life and you’re finding that the traditional treatments, doctor visits, and expensive medications just aren’t working, it may be time for you to consider The Lost Book of Remedies. This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking new options for health remedies.

Suffering from a stubborn ailment? Can’t shake that nasty cold? The Lost Book of Remedies might be the right choice for you.

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