Singorama Review

If you’ve always wanted to be a singer but didn’t quite have the tools necessary to succeed, you might want to consider Singorama.

This program is the best pathway – besides, perhaps, singing lessons from a trained professional that is – to teach yourself to learn how to sing. Singing lessons can be expensive and inconvenient, but Singorama is a unique program that will let you learn how to build up a harmonious singing voice – all from the comfort of your own home.

But is it legit? We will tell you everything you need to know in our Singorama review.

What Is Singorama?

We’ve all been to that party or concert where we saw an average person singing and were just blown away. Even if it was just the choir at your church, it’s easy to be envious of people who have a serious set of pipes.

Lots of people think that singing is just a God-given talent, and that not everybody can simply learn how to sing. However, that concept is totally false. If you want to be able to learn how to sing, there are plenty of ways for you to do so.

singorama review

While you will need to have a small amount of natural talent on your side-  after all, you’ll need to have a decent tone to your voice along with a natural sense of rhythm – you don’t have to be a child prodigy in order to be a great singer. You just need the right training.

Like other passions – including drawing, playing an instrument, or sports – singing is something that needs a lot of practice to perfect. But unlike those hobbies, all you need is a good pair of ears, some strong vocal cords, and some dedication in order to succeed. There’s no expensive equipment required!

Singorama is a program that helps you learn the right way to sing. A thoughtfully-planned music tutorial, the program is perfect for anybody who wants to master the tricky art of singing. It’s laid out in a user-friendly design so that you can figure out where and how you are making mistakes and work quickly to overcome and address your issues.

Through this program, you’ll create small daily goals that you can work to overcome. In doing this, you will develop strong vocal aptitude and learn how to sing without stressing out your vocal cords.

Not only that, but you’ll learn how to breathe properly so that you don’t become pitchy, have a monotone voice, or go off rhythm or scale. You’ll learn how to become a better singer even when you aren’t actively singing, as the program includes techniques you can follow us warm-ups and cool-downs. These can be done anywhere – including in the shower or on the way to work!

Who Is Melanie Alexander?

The face of Singorama is Melanie Alexander. The lead singer for a popular Australian girl band named Girlfriend, Alexander experienced serious popularity in the 1990s, during which time she traveled the world and worked with some of the globe’s best producers and musicians.

Alexander’s goal with Singorama is to bring all of the material she learned directly to your – os you that you can benefit from her experience, too.

What Will You Learn From Singorama?

You’ll learn a ton of information from Singorama. Not only will you learn all of the perspectives surrounding beautiful singing, but you’ll learn the science behind it, too.


In the Singorama program, you’ll start with an introduction on how to warm up your vocal cords. Just like any other muscle in your body, your vocal cords need to be warmed up appropriately before you begin to use them heavily.

In Singorama, you will learn all the best warm-up techniques that will help improve your singing ability without damaging or hurting your muscles.

Next, you’ll learn strategies that will help you take advantage of the opportunity to sing at every chance you get. Practice makes perfect, and nowhere is that truer than when you are singing. You’ll learn how to discover what kind of voice you truly have, along with what kinds of talents you have just waiting to be unleashed with a little bit of practice.

Singorama review

In Singorama, you’ll even learn how to overcome stage fright. If you’re new to singing, performing in front of an audience – no matter how large or small – can be one of the most intimidating hurdles. Not all of us like to show off or be natural showmen! That’s ok. Showmanship is just another skill that you can easily learn to master, and Singorama will show you exactly how to do this.

Another feature of the Singorama program is that you’ll learn how to keep all of the organs necessary for good singing healthy. You’ll learn ways to keep your nose, ears, lungs, and even your tongue healthy through diet, exercise, and other practices.

If you’re curious what sets Singorama apart, there are lots of ways in which this program has stood the test of time. However, one of its best features is that it teaches you how to uncover your own unique singing voice so that you can bring a one-of-a-kind flair to your work. In this program, you won’t be spending all of your time learning how to copy your favorite singer. Instead, you will receive mentoring on how you can become the best singer possible – in your own unique way.

singorama reviews

The training is broken down into several key sections. In the first section, the introduction, you’ll learn how to navigate the course and how you can get the most out of it. Then you’ll learn the key warmups and strengthening exercises you should do to improve your vocal cord functioning.

Next, you’ll move onto a series of range extension exercises and do some interval training for singers. You’ll then have access to some original songs that you can use to train yourself. These were created in-studio and are only available to you via this exclusive program so that you can learn melody and harmony – and you’ll be able to do this with instrumental backing tracks that are included, too.

After mastering the songs that are included in the program, you will move on to the SIngorama mini-recording studio and you’ll learn how to perfect your pitch.


singorama bonus

Singorama also comes with a handful of bonuses. Not only will you get access to a variety of vocal exercises, but you’ll also get bonus software, too. You’ll learn the tricks and techniques necessary to take charge of your diet, sleeping habits, and schedule so that you can master your singing both when you are on-stage and off.

Not only that, but you’ll also have access to Jayde Musica along with numerous Singorama e-books and workbooks. You’ll get an ultimate guide that will teach you how to read music along with several supplementary eBooks like a Singorama beginner’s book and a Singorama advanced book. Of course, your purchase is backed by all the customer service and support you could possibly need or want, too.

Singorama Pros & Cons

There are plenty of reasons to give Singorama a try. Here are some of the major benefits of the program.


  • Huge selection of tips: Singorama comes with all the tips and techniques you need to learn how to sing. It doesn’t just focus on the basics of singing but will walk you through every single step necessary to develop your singing voice.
  • Only requires 15 minutes a day: You don’t have to spend hours a day trying to learn how to sing – all you need is fifteen minutes each day. Some of the activities can even be completed while you are doing something else, like driving a car or taking a shower!
  • Comprehensive program: This comprehensive program includes everything you could possibly want. It has 28 separate audio modules along with worksheets, eBooks, and other tools to help you learn the ropes.
  • More than just learning how to breathe: There are plenty of singing programs out there, but many of them just focus on teaching you how to sing. This program goes beyond that. You’ll learn all the breathing techniques and exercises you need to do for traditional singing improvement, but you’ll also learn unique things like bad singing habits to avoid, how to sing with a band, and how to overcome singing anxiety.
  • Gives you audience tips: If you’ve ever wanted to perform for a live audience, this program is the right choice for you. It will teach you how to perform for any audience, no matter where you might be.
  • Affordable price: Singorama is not only offered at an affordable price, but it also comes with a complete 60-day money-back guarantee. You’ll be able to learn the ropes without having to spend a ton of money.
  • Digital program: Singorama is offered online in a fully digital format. You won’t have to purchase any separate materials for the program.
  • Includes studio software: Want to learn how to record your own music for the studio? Consider Singorama. This program will give you the tools and training necessary to record your own songs and practice sessions.
  • Has a trial program: If you aren’t sure you’re ready to commit, don’t worry – Singorama also has an optional five-day mini-singing course that is totally free.

As with anything thought, there are some disadvantages that you will want to keep in mind. Here are some of the program’s major drawbacks.

best singorama review


  • Takes time: With Singorama, you aren’t going to see results overnight. You need to give the program some time to work before you will actually see significant changes to your singing voice.
  • Has a lot of materials: There is so much information included with Singorama that it can be overwhelming. You may find that it takes a long time for you to get through all of the material.
  • Only available in a digital format: Because Singorama is available online, it takes some time to download it. You’ll need to have a fast internet connection in order to do this, which some people view as a major disadvantage.
  • You can’t make recordings of the lessons: Related to the point above, you can’t make any digital records of the lessons. You’ll need to stay by your laptop or computer at all times.

Does Singorama Work?

Singing is unlike any other hobby because all of us are able to sing – perhaps not well, but we can do it. It’s not like playing an instrument where you need a fair amount of instruction before you can even begin to make decent-sounding music.

Although we live among music every single day, most of us don’t know how the best tips and techniques to be good singers. Singorama is an excellent program is you want to learn how to sing properly, and honestly, as long as you have a set of ears and good vocal cords, you can learn how to sign with Singorama.

Whether you want to sing professionally or just for fun, Singorama is a great program for you to follow. It has a mass following that has won over aspiring singers the world over, and it will enable you to sell your music online, audition, sing at live venues, or even enter competitions.

Even if a professional career at singing isn’t what you have in mind, this program is one of the best. You’ll be able to achieve your goals with just a small amount of time dedicated to this program.


If you’re ready to boost your singing skills to Mariah Carey levels, it’s time to consider Singorama. While the program won’t teach you how to sing overnight, it will give you the skills to build up a beautiful harmony, tone, and pitch to your voice. The program has a ton of helpful step-by-step guidance that will show you how you can improve your voice for more harmonious singing.

Not only will this program walk you through all the steps that you can follow to perfect your singing voice, but it will also teach you how to find your own range so that you can perform for any audience. You’re just one click away from developing the singing voice of your dreams!

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