Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

While the world is seeing increased positivity toward people of all body types, shapes, and sizes, the reality still remains – the rate of obesity around the world is increasing at a rapid rate. You can blame it on just about anything – from stress to a lack of exercise to diets that are deficient in nutrients, more people are suffering from diseases related to obesity and poor overall health.

In fact, obesity can increase your risk of a wide variety of diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Just when you consider heart disease, more than 80,000 people die from this obesity-related illness every single year. To make matters worse, the most common treatments for heart disease, from surgery to medications, are not only costly but can sometimes make matters worse.

If you’re tired of seeking temporary relief for your health problems – or are sick of trying and failing at the many fad diets out there designed to help you lose weight – it’s time for you to consider the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

In our Lean Belly Breakthrough Review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this revolutionary program.

What Is Lean Belly Breakthrough?

Created by Bruce Krahn, Lean Belly Breakthrough is a program that helps you discover the root cause of most weight-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. By following a simple two-minute ritual, you can shed over 23 pounds in as little as a month. There are no diet pills, expensive medications, or strenuous exercises required.

lean belly breakthrough

With the two-minute ritual, you will combine vegetables, spices, and weight loss herbs to help you lose weight. There’s nothing exotic about these ingredients, either – most are found right at your local grocery store. It’s an all-natural weight loss plan that is geared specifically toward men and women who are over the age of 50 years old.

Follow the ritual, and your body will become guarded against heart attack and diabetes. The plan can even help fight age-related symptoms. Bad health isn’t necessarily related to aging – it’s related to aging poorly. Often, you can stop the impacts of aging and improve your health for the better.

Best yet, you don’t need to pay for any kind of special medications, diet plans, or equipment to see results. You will just combine a few specific movements and ingredients to improve your health (and of course, your overall appearance).

The plan is designed to help you see results in just a week, allowing you to target fat specifically in your midsection and to keep it off. The plan also includes a three-minute belly-flattening sequence that activates your core muscles and improves your metabolism. Lean Belly Breakthrough can also remove toxins and free radicals (the most common cancer-causing agents) from your body.

Everything is offered in an easy-to-follow template. This template is developed to help improve your body’s natural ability to burn fat, as well as to remove toxins and sleep well.

Who Is Bruce Krahn?

bruce krahn

Lean Belly Breakthrough has a charming origin story. Bruce Krahn is a well-respected fitness trainer and nutrition expert with more than fifteen years of experience.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough is not the first program that Krahn has created. On the contrary, he is also the best-selling writer of the book, “Fat Fighter Diet.” He is a personal trainer in Mississauga, where currently works with more than 100 celebrities to help them achieve their fitness goals. He’s worked with celebrities as notable as Nelly Furtado, Tom Cochrane, Trish Stratus, and even Criss Angel.

Krahn is also the creator of the online personal training company eBodi.com. This website provides unique, personally-tailored training programs to people around the world. He is a professional speaker and speaks at companies like General Electric and Kraft.

The father of two twin boys, Krahn is also a husband. He met with Dr. Heinrick after his father-in-law, Dan, experienced a heart attack. Together, the two created a two-minute ritual (the same that is found today in the Lean Belly Breakthrough) to help Dan recover and to save his life from open-heart surgery and diabetes. In fact, Dan lost nine pounds in just three days – and a whopping thirty pounds the following month!

How Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Work?

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a revolutionary program that is designed specifically for people over the age of fifty. It is based on a formula developed by Krahn and Heinrcik that work to combat belly fat and its related health issues, like heart disease, depression, and diabetes. The program works without any intense dietary switches, drugs, or unnatural solutions.

When you sign up to receive Lean Belly Breakthrough, you’ll revisit the way you think about your food. You’ll learn which foods can exacerbate blood sugar problems or trigger heart attacks, and you’ll discover which foods you can swap them with for belly fat reduction. You’ll learn how to burn fat in a minimal amount of time and how to utilize your sleeping metabolism – something that is imperative for weight loss.

Lean Body Hacks

The program includes everything you need to begin a healthier, leaner lifestyle – no gym or weight loss equipment required. The entire program can be completed from the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn about the spices, herbs, and nutrients that can eliminate toxins and get rid of belly or visceral fat. After all, the program isn’t just about looking better – it’s about feeling better, too.

Lean Belly Breakthrough is risk-free and causes no harmful complications or side effects. This is a nice feature, especially when you consider that most diet plans or pills are paired with a wide variety of side effects. Even one of the most popular modern diets, the keto diet, causes side effects like irritability and constipation.

You don’t even have to reduce your food consumption with this program. While many diet plans dramatically limit how much food you can consume, this program just controls them. You’ll learn all the techniques you  need to know to put your body into, as the author calls it, “beast mode” so that you can lose weight.

As some side benefits of the program, you’ll also find that your immune functioning and daily productivity are drastically improved. You might even find that your skin, hair, and nails start looking younger and more beautiful once you start following this program!

What Will You Learn From Lean Belly Breakthrough?

Purchase Lean Belly Breakthrough, and you’ll walk away as an educated participant in improving your own health. You’ll not only learn about the two-minute ritual and foods you can eat that will destroy fat quickly, but you’ll also receive a handy guide about which symptoms are indicative of an approaching heart attack.

You’ll get a quick-access guide of the beverages and foods you should avoid, along with a step-by-step blueprint that can increase your metabolic rate. You’ll even learn about unique herbs that can burn that obstreperous belly fat from your stomach!

best lean belly breakthrough review

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a 70-page program that includes all kinds of simple dietary changes, flat belly overnight tricks, and even intensive workouts. You’ll learn everything from how salt impacts the body to how soaking in a bathtub can help you lose weight.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Pros & Cons

Lean Belly Breakthrough offers a ton of benefits. Just to name a few, the program:

  • Is offered by a credible fitness trainer: Krahn has more than 15 years of experience and has worked with thousands of people to help them meet their weight loss goals.
  • Works for everyone: It doesn’t matter what gender or age you are. Anybody can see results from this program.
  • Is easy to follow: You won’t need to invest in expensive equipment, fancy gadgets, or chemical-containing pills. You’ll just need everyday foods, spices, and herbs.
  • Is not a fad diet: Lean Belly Breakthrough is unlike other diet plans that work well in the beginning, but fall short later on. Instead, you’ll learn the root causes behind your weight gain and experience lasting weight loss as a result.
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee: If you’re hesitant about buying, don’t worry. The program is backed by a lengthy and generous guarantee.
  • Tackles the root of the issue: Many fitness programs only work for a short amount of time, causing a yo-yo effect that can be damaging for your overall health. This program is different. It attacks the problem at its core and is a program you can follow for life.

lean belly breakthrough review

As with anything, though, there are some cons. Lean Belly Breakthrough:

  • Is not a replacement for professional medical advice: If you have a severe or chronic condition, you should consult with a physician. Lean Belly Breakthrough is a helpful guide, but it should not serve as a placeholder for your doctor’s input.
  • Requires discipline and consistency: As with any diet or exercise plan, you’ll need to demonstrate some follow-through in order to see results with Lean Belly Breakthrough. While the solutions presented in this program really do work, you need to put forth some effort in order to see the results.
  • Is fully digital: In 2020, it’s not uncommon to see many diet and exercise plans that are available exclusively online. This is true of Lean Belly Breakthrough, too. While it’s more convenient in that you can access it from anywhere, if you dislike online learning, this program might not be the right choice for you.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Bonuses

When you purchase Lean Belly Breakthrough, you’ll receive a complete weight loss system inclusive of seven separate guides. You’ll receive detailed instructional videos as well as information about how to clean your arteries and melt fat – all with herbs.

You’ll also receive a variety of recipes that are not only delicious, but can help reverse heart problems and diabetes. You’ll get an Emergency Fat Loss Guide and an easy-to-follow heart health prevention method. You’ll also receive the namesake Belly Fat Melting Rituals and a tasty metabolism-boosting meal plans.

That’s not all. You’ll also receive several bonus materials. You’ll get a detailed overview on how hormones help your body burn or store fat, along with a 2-Minute Ritual belly fat tracking sheet. You’ll be able to monitor your activity level and track your progress more effectively. You will get a list of fat-burning smoothies, meals, and teas, too.

The company doesn’t stop there, though. You’ll also get a list of which foods can help boost your libido and even learn about some desserts that will help you tone your abs and create a healthier, more chiseled frame.

Is Lean Belly Breakthrough A Scam?

Some people suspect that Lean Belly Breakthrough is a scam, doubting that it could work that well given how quickly many reviewers claim to see results. However, the sheer quantity of positive reviews speak for themselves.

If you’re sick of trying weight loss program after weight loss program and seeing minimal results, then this program is the right choice for you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – you will see results quickly and without having to worry about being scammed.

Still not sure whether Lean Belly Breakthrough is legit? Don’t worry. The program is also backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can quickly and easily get your money back.


Lean Belly Breakthrough is a book that can be purchased at a price of just $27. If you want to purchase a paper copy, you can do so from the company’s website. However, the downloadable guide offers everything you need in a digital copy. In addition to the book, you’ll also receive access to several free bonuses and the guarantee we mentioned above.

While you might not lose a full pound a day as Lean Belly Breakthrough suggests you can, keep in mind that slow, steady weight loss is often better anyway – especially if you don’t have that much to lose to begin with. With Lean Belly Breakthrough, you’ll be able to achieve the body and health you’ve always wanted -and restore your energy levels and well-being in the process.

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